Robyn Denny – Artist

Encountering Malevich’s White on White as a student made me wonder if painting had reached an end point. Yet for me, the depths and distortions of Bacon and Schiele offer a means to navigate life’s anxieties, while Cy Twombly’s abstractions call me into transcendence.  Film activates this viscerality with light and movement. I use both mediums of painting and film as a language to grapple with expression. The female body in performance (whether saturated in indigo ink, or engaged in film) is a central theme in my work. Despite the violence so often acted upon women’s bodies, what fascinates me is their Phoenix-like ability to assert a fierce beauty in contemporary space. My hope is that what I create contributes to a greater creative conversation. My recent installations, which combine video art and works on canvas and ink on paper, re-enforce this dynamic sense of dialogue.